Meet Our World-Class Leadership Team

At Nth Degree, we’ve assembled an unparalleled blend of seasoned legal professionals and tech innovators. This unique combination of legal acumen and tech-savvy not only sets us apart but also builds a foundation of trust, confirming you can count on us to seamlessly transform your firm.

Morgan McLinden

Founder & CEO

Morgan McLinden has dedicated his career to transforming the legal industry through Nth Degree, assembling and leading the team that’s innovating how law firms conduct business. With more than two decades of hands-on experience working with developers on groundbreaking, industry-leading platforms, Morgan’s influence is felt throughout the legal tech landscape.

Under his leadership, Nth Degree aims to empower law firm leaders in every engagement, helping them to better serve their clients. Morgan takes immense pride in partnering with law firms worldwide, fostering relationships that go beyond mere business connections. As these firms grow and adapt to the ever-changing needs of their clients, Morgan’s commitment to innovation continues to shape the future of the industry.

Ross Forgione

Chief Technology Officer

With a career spanning over 35 years, Ross has partnered with various companies to revolutionize their operations through cutting-edge technology. He focuses on simplifying the financial elements of firm management and crafting technology architectures that enable employees to more effectively serve lawyers and their clients.

Ross’s passion lies in employing innovative ideas and tailored technology solutions to facilitate organizational change, driving greater efficiency and strategic growth. That’s why the most rewarding aspect of his work is developing sophisticated software to create tangible results, enhancing an organization’s workflow, reducing errors and stress, and positively impacting both individuals and the organization as a whole. His leadership and vision make him a vital component of Nth Degree’s success in the ever-evolving legal technology landscape.

Sierra Osquist

Director of Project Management & Operations

With nearly 15 years of hands-on experience in law firm operations, Sierra Osquist’s role is shaped by her unique insider’s perspective. Her profound understanding of the intricate dynamics between attorneys and firm staff informs her ability to develop and implement systems that streamline operations to serve all stakeholders effectively.

Sierra’s former roles included overseeing the daily operations of the accounting department at one of Southern California’s largest local law firms and coordinating a comprehensive financial system conversion as a Financial Database Administrator. Sierra’s rich background gives her an unparalleled understanding of the critical role of seamless operational processes, underlining the importance of leveraging technology as a key enabler for ongoing growth. Her leadership at Nth Degree continues to drive innovation and operational excellence in the legal industry.

Tami Cooper-Mulholland

Director of Business Development

With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Tami Cooper-Mulholland has cultivated enduring relationships with lawyers and law firms worldwide. She’s deeply committed to helping law firms reach their business goals, and her success is intimately tied to that of our clients. That’s why Tami thrives on introducing clients to innovative solutions that provide a competitive advantage and enhance overall productivity.

Tami’s insightful understanding of the legal profession, combined with an innate grasp of law firm operations, positions her as a trusted advisor to our clients. Her hands-on approach and client-centric focus make her an invaluable asset to Nth Degree and beloved by all of our clients.

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